Denver 420 Concentrate Cup 4/20/18

April 20, 2018 - 4:00 pm

Denver United States

An event for Cannabis Growers, chefs, extractors and 100 lucky enthusiasts.

Entries are FREE and DUE by 4/13/17 as follows 7g of concentrate in silicone or parchment paper clearly labeled with strain, indica or sativa or % blend (80%indica 20%sativa) or 14g of flower in a jar or airtight container clearly labeled with strain and indica or sativa or % blend. All entries must be from a private person or legally purchased from a dispensary to be entered by their contestant. WE DO NOT DO MANIFESTS all product must be PURCHASED not TRANSFERRED (this does not apply to private growers/ blasters).

Super exclusive event on 4/18 only for entrants and judges from 6pm till 10pm with food, snacks and VIP edible competition. (edible competition info available by emailing 10 pieces required to enter no more then 200mg per piece) Also on 4/18 we will be announcing the judging results to the competitors and judges before we release them on 4/20.

100 Presale passes will be available for this event at $40 each if purchased before the event if you RSVP in the event page as going or maybe you can purchase a day of pass for $50 until they are sold out (and they will sell out) at the door if any are left. This is a PRIVATE event you MUST BUY PRESALE OR RSVP FOR. Also 20 ULTRA VIP passes available for $100 each with your own private dab bus to dab on for vip and competitors only!!! 30 competitor spots who receive 2 free VIP passes per entry submitted! This is also the only event you can bring any glass you would like or your E-nail or your rig and torch to utilize inside just no blunts or joints those are fine outside in the large fenced in area!

This is a friendly competition for the best flower and concentrates in Denver for 4/20 this year and it is FREE to ENTER so it is open to ANYONE who wants the title of BEST GROWER or BEST CONCENTRATE ARTIST in Denver.

Categories are as follows :
Best Overall, Best Indica Dominant, Best Sativa Dominant
Best Overall, Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Terps (flavor), Best sauce, Best Distillate or Diamonds with or without terps, Best CBD

There will be 4 judges of for Concentrates and 4 for Flower (must be able to pick up samples and judge from 4/13-4/17 here in Denver)…

To enter: Email: or contact Aj Hashman via PM on here or by text to 303-881-0148 and how to enter/label listed above.

3 – 6′ booth spaces available for $150 each ALL OUTDOOR tables chairs and power strip provided, you are welcome to set up an e-nail or 2 at your booth if you would like, or not (there will be no tip jars or charging for dabs at booths STRICTLY ENFORCED) If you do sell anything (shirts, soil, terps, seeds whatever) that must be under your own sales tax license and those sales are not associated with this event. The space is PRIVATE keeping this event SAFE FOR ALL! You must be 21+ to attend this event and sign a release when you enter agreeing it is a PRIVATE event. NO LIQUOR WILL BE SOLD OR TOLERATED AT THIS EVENT IT IS ABOUT CANNABIS NOT DRINKING!

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