Cannabis For Pelvic Pain Free Live Webinar by Dr. Michele Ross

January 26, 2018 - 11:00 am


Learn about if cannabis is right for pelvic pain. Please register for this FREE live webinar.

IMPACT Network Executive Director Dr. Michele Ross will provide an overview of how cannabis, CBD and other alternative treatments can help you live a healthier and happier life with pelvic pain. Pelvic pain can be acute cramping from your period, or it can be chronic pelvic pain from endometriosis or unknown causes.

Not only is a Dr. Ross a neuroscientist who studies cannabis, she’s also a patient who uses cannabis to manage severe chronic pelvic pain associated with ovarian cysts and endometriosis. She’s dedicated her career to helping women like you get off of opiates, off of disability, and back to the life they deserve to be living.

Acute pelvic pain impacts 82% of women, and chronic pelvic pain impacts over 25% of women. This talk is for everyone: women, their partners, healthcare professionals, and those who want to learn more about cannabinoid medicine.

-Intro to Pelvic Pain and Traditional Pharmaceutical Treatments
-How the Endocannabinoid System and Your Monthly Cycle Are Linked
-How Cannabinoids Can Regulate Pelvic Pain
-CBD or Cannabis Treatment Guidelines For Pelvic Pain
-Patient Support & Research Opportunities with IMPACT Network-

Dr. Ross invites women who attend this talk to join IMPACT Network’s new app for women who use cannabis. wYou can be matched with other women in your city with migraine headache for peer-mentoring, and you can get involved in clinical research studies.

Women only, please join our new app on the web at, on the Apple App store at:, and at the Google Play store at:

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