Live To Start Something Beautiful – Music & Art Showcase

February 3, 2018 - 6:00 pm

Join Us for a One-Night pop-up music and Art showcase curated by Macey Sigaty.

Live to Start Start Something Beautiful is a showcase that brings together a group of artists working in a variety of media, the majority of whom have rarely shown their art before, let’s get it out there! This event is meant to be casual, inspiring, and meaningful as well as a way for my husband and I to say bye (for now) before embarking on a long period of travel. The name “The Start of Something Beautiful” comes from a quote from a friend that passed away 7 years ago, Bobby. That friend was dear to almost all the artists participating in this show and has shaped us all as artists and people. The quote in entirety is,
“Stop starting to live and live to start something beautiful.”

Come join us and give Spectra a hat’s off for being something beautiful

Come celebrate this wonderful group of artist and people, for they are something beautiful

Join in on a jam session with Ryan and Josh and make some beautiful music

And by golly, come see myself, Macey and my husband, Dustin before we leave Colorado for a while

Live Music: Ryan Sorrell & Josh Peirce

Featuring Artists:
Levi Deuter
Chelsie Oehlkers
Grant Oehlkers
Baily Bress
Shannon Rose
Macey Sigaty
Dustin Sigaty

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