A Gift From Saturn

January 13, 2018 - 7:00 pm


Join us as we launch our Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of an astrological/gregorian fusion calendar. Organized in a familiar, easily-digestible format, now you can follow the sun’s path through the zodiac while still keeping track of the date and the day of the week!!! Including lunar phases, solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, retrograde cycles, and significant transits. An original, astrologically inspired painting describes each sign, stimulating the imagination.

Featured Painters:
Jake Amason
Karlee May
Rd DeSoto
Andrew Norris
Seth Snowden

In a lot of ways, this project is about giving back to a community which has offered such potent healing and powerful inspiration. Not only to show appreciation and offer some manner of abundance to the artistic community whose devotion to their craft has sparked such a fire inside of us, but also to share the inspiration we’ve found by studying their work with the world. It takes so much courage to pursue your creative passion in the face of societal and economic pressures, but at the end of the day, each of us possesses our own unique flavor. Our own special, creative intention that when nurtured, celebrated, and expressed will blossom into a gift. A meaningful contribution to the greater, broader collective of humankind. Just as each plant, each insect, every animal and organism occupies a singular niche in a healthy ecosystem, we all have a role to play in a healthy, human system. So rather than beating ourselves down to the same baseline, it’s time that as a society we begin to celebrate the diversity of our perspectives, talents, and creative spirits.

And that’s really where astrology comes in. For thousands of years there’s been this oppressive message from the establishment that we can’t understand the truth. That we don’t know what’s real, or right from wrong. We’re supposed to kneel at the feet of these authorities, and they’ll tell us what to believe. They’ll tell us how to live. They’ll tell us what is right, and what is true. When really, each one of us possesses the divine truth, the heavenly intuition, within ourselves. All we must do to rediscover it is step outside. Astrology is a tool that connects us with the healing powers of nature. The rhythms of life are self evident. When you walk your puppy in the mountains as the leaves change color, when you watch the sun set over the ocean, when you feel the warm breeze on your skin, and see the full moon reflected in your lover’s eyes, you KNOW what is real. In the deepest core of your being you feel the truth. You understand right and wrong, with no need of a book, a teacher, or a statute to instruct you.

So this calendar is a tool. It’s a tool for spreading creativity, and the inspiration that comes from witnessing those who pursue their passions single-mindedly. It’s a tool for tuning your intuition into the rhythm of the cosmos, with the beat of every breath. When we move with the rhythms of life, creating in the flow of every moment, we connect with our divine essence.

During this event we’ll be showing the 12 original, astrologically inspired paintings we commissioned for each sign, screening a mini-short film about the project, dancing, serving refreshments, and connecting with our community.

We will close the evening with a sound healing ceremony, courtesy of Seth Snowden.

Dance party courtesy of:
Psyzmic (Quality Control // Chaos Magik; SLC, UT)
Will Raidle (Chaos Magik; Denver, CO)
Peter Vaughn (Chaos Magik; Denver, CO)

Astrological contributors:
Brittany Kelly
Tobias Pepper

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