MARYJ Bingo Fundraiser for Impact Network

September 21, 2017 - 6:30 pm


MARYJ Bingo is a monthly Bingo fundraiser supporting clinical research at IMPACT Network, a NIH-registered research institute located in Denver, CO. Clinical research on the medical benefits of cannabis is not currently funded by the US government, the traditional source of biomedical research funding, and the cannabis industry is unable to support research efforts to legal restrictions and their inability to write off donations to charities. IMPACT Network depends on public support from donors, event attendees, and grants from nonprofits that are open-minded.

MARYJ Bingo is helping support our CBD for opiate addiction study, our women’s health WMEDS study, and our cardiovascular study. Thank you for your support of clinical cannabis research through IMPACT Network. That makes you a winner no matter what. BINGO!

September’s education theme is addiction, since September is Substance Abuse Awareness Month. October’s education theme is Cannabis For Breast Cancer & is linked up to the Colorado Cancer Coalition Conference.

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